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Terminal Operations

Receipt by Ocean vessel berthed at CBM - Storage - and further Dispatch of PMS & AGO by Trucks loaded through Automated Gantry

The liquid fuels will be received at the CBM through ocean tanker and pumped to the terminal’s storage tanks. It first gets to the Tema Offshore Mooring Valve Station through the 16inches CBM pipeline then is redirected at a manifold through 2 nos. 14inches dedicated pipelines (1 for Gasoline and 1 for Gasoil) to the Tema Oil Terminal. Product from the vessel can be received with flowrate of up to 1,000 M3/ hr. hence no need for booster pumps implying less throughput fees for using the TOT facility.

There are total 8 pumps (each of capacity 165 M3/hr) provided for truck loading operations. Each pump is dedicated for respective truck loading bay and one spare pump each for Gasoline and Gasoil.

Firefighting facilities provided at Tema Oil Terminal are designed in line with relevant NFPA standards. One storage tank of capacity 2,200 M3 is provided for water storage. Space is available for providing additional tank for future expansion. Fire-fighting facilities includes fire alarm system, pressurized hydrant line, fixed foam system covering all the Oil Storage Tanks, Product Pump house and truck loading gantry etc. There are foam and water combined monitors, hydrant points, flexible hoses, portable DCP & CO2 fire extinguishers provided at various facilities.

Hydrocarbon detectors are also provided at truck loading gantry, product pump house and OWS to give early alarm of presence of hydrocarbons.

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