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TOT has ultra-modern facilities in place that makes us guarantee timely and efficient provision of services. We are well-prepared and ready to render you our unmatched services.

Fuel Storage


The terminal’s current storage capacity stands at 50,000m3.

Four storage tanks, including two with a capacity of 10,000m3 and two with a capacity of 15,000m3, are designated for both Gasoil and Gasoline.

There are plans in progress to increase it in the near future.

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Our loading gantry has 6 bays (3 Gasoline, 3 Gasoil) with 14 loading arms (6 top loading arms each for Gasoline and Gasoil and 2 bottom loading arms for Gasoline).

TOT operates Ghana's first Vapour Recovery Unit that minimizes product loss and reduces pollution. We have one of the fastest loading pumps in Ghana that dispenses at an average loading rate of 2750ltrs/min.

TOT provides additivation services to enhance petroleum products with 24 automated additive injectors and 8 additive vessels with a tank capacity of 2,000Ltrs each (4 Gasoline and 4 Gasoil) with 16 pumps at a rate of 3Ltrs/min.

All bays have four dedicated automated additive lines that eliminate any possibility of adulteration000Ltrs each (4 Gasoline and 4 Gasoil) with 16 pumps at a rate of 3Ltrs/min.

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    Value for Money

    TOT gives you value for money by providing high efficiency and competitive pricing.

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    Customer Experience

    Our Customer Experience is unrivalled in the industry.

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    We ensure high security for your products.

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    Save Cost

    Our proximity to the Conventional Buoy Mooring (CBM) system allows clients to save on cost of booster fees.