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A Bulk fuel storage and distribution Terminal

This new Fuels Storage and Distribution Depot in Kpone Industrial area at Tema, Ghana, stores Gasoline and Gas Oil.

Tema Oil Terminal (TOT) has the advantage of being located near the ABB receptacle thus avoiding the requirement and charges for using the Booster pumps for product receipts.

Further, downstream distribution of products from the terminal is done through Bulk Road Vehicles - BRVs. There is a 6 bay truck loading gantry provided with electronic metering skids, with necessary safety interlocks such as truck earthing, overfill sensors etc. Card readers are also provided at various locations such as entry/exit gates, loading bays, Tank Truck Entry System etc. to control and monitor the movement of trucks within the terminal. The Tema Oil Terminal Truck loading gantry is capable of loading approximately 112 truck of capacity 32 M3 each per working shift of 8 hours.

Firefighting facilities provided at Tema Oil Terminal are designed in line with relevant NFPA standards.

Hydrocarbon detectors are also provided at truck loading gantry, product pump house and OWS to give early alarm of presence of hydrocarbons.

Welcome to the premium service of the Tema Oil Terminal which comes with a fully equipped parking lot for trucks, offices for liaison officers of OMCs, Drivers and their assistants lounge. We are here to give you the best of depot services in an environmentally sound ambiance with lash greenery and most fuel vapours trapped and recirculated.

TOT – your best place to store and load fuel.

What to Expect

The liquid fuels (Gasoline and Gasoil) will be stored in aboveground vertical steel tanks with total capacity of 50,000 M3 constructed.

There are a total of four product tanks constructed, two for gasoline and two for gasoil with total capacity of 25,000 M3 each. Product is received through ocean tanker berthed at the CBM and pumped to the terminal storage tanks through 2 nos. dedicated pipelines (1 for Gasoline and 1 for Gasoil). Tema Oil Terminal is managed with Terminal Automation System thus ensuring Safe and Efficient Operations.


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